Food Scoops: Gopizza Launches In Singapore | Korean Take On Italian Dishes

What’s Buzzing? We are always looking to try new food during this circuits breaker period and here comes Gopizza, a relatively new entrant to the F&B scene in Singapore. Gopizza is a Korean brand and it specialises in affordable and freshly baked pizzas.

What’s On The Menu? Well, pizzas. The interesting thing about the pizza is the size – the fire baked pizza is kept to a friendly size for a single pax, which is perfect for singles or ideal if you prefer to try a variety of flavours without feeling the need to waste food.


For an assortment of dishes, I had the K Mukbang package (S$28.90), which includes the Korean Bulgogi Pizza (S$13.90/a la carte price) Fried Yangyum Chicken (S$8.90/a la carte price) and Tteokbokki (S$7.90/a la carte price).

The Korean Bulgogi Pizza is not too thick in texture, which makes it easy to enjoy. The flavours are rich, and I like the slightly cheesy element to it.

Of course, it is hard to go wrong with Korean dishes like the well-marinated and sweet Fried Yangyum Chicken or the Tteokbokki, also known as stir-fried rice cakes.


Alternatively, the Sweet Potato Pizza ($13.9) is a more neutral flavour suitable for non-meat lovers. For pasta, I also had the Fire Cheese Chicken Pasta (S$9.90) which I must warn, is really spicy. That said, it is a pasta which is tasty though the ingredients are simple.



It also helps that the pizza box comes with clear and easy instructions to re-heat the food, if necessary.

How To Order? Order through, Foodpanda or GrabFood. Islandwide delivery is now available.

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